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Home Routers Pose Biggest Consumer Cyberthreat (via slashdot)

The remote-access management flaw that allowed TheMoon worm to thrive on Linksys routers is far from the only vulnerability in that particular brand of hardware, though it might be simpler to call all home-based wireless routers gaping holes of insecurity…



Enable SSH on 3com switch

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Networking

Documentation is from a PDF guide on 3COM’s website.
1. Enter system view.
2. Enter AUX user interface view.
[4200G] user-interface aux 0
3. Specify to authenticate users logging in through the Console port using the local
[4200G-ui-aux0] authentication-mode password
4. Set the local password to 123456 (in plain text).
[4200G-ui-aux0] set authentication password simple 123456
5. Specify commands of level 2 are available to users logging into the AUX user
[4200G-ui-aux0] user privilege level 2
6. Set the baud rate of the Console port to 19,200 bps.
[4200G-ui-aux0] speed 19200
7. Set the maximum number of lines the screen can contain to 30.
[4200G-ui-aux0] screen-length 30
8. Set the maximum number of commands the history command buffer can store to 20.
[4200G-ui-aux0] history-command max-size 20
9. Set the timeout time of the AUX user interface to 6 minutes.
[4200G-ui-aux0] idle-timeout 6